Ginetta G20


Ginetta Cars Limited was founded in 1958 by the four Walklett brothers. The business was an extension of a passion for motor racing and produced predominantly race or road/race orientated cars.

In 1961, the company had a step change with the G4 model which was unveiled that year at the Racing Car Show. The G4 was aimed squarely at the club racer who wanted a cost effective weekday road car and a weekend racer. In this it was aided by the new Ford engines which gave it the necessary performance to firstly beat the MGBs and TRs before taking on and winning against such exotica as the Jaguar 3.8. Such ability soon translated to an escalating tally of race successes at which point the mainstream motoring press took an interest firmly establishing the Ginetta marque on the motoring map.

Success with the G4 prompted ever more ambitious designs and further success with the Imp powered G15 and the Chrysler 1725 powered G21. Both cars underwent full type approval testing.

The company constantly produced cars, but in ever smaller numbers until Lawrence Tomlinson bought the company in 2005. An experienced racing driver and successful businessman, Lawrence’s aims remain in line with the original founders to continue producing innovative, capable and above all, great value sports cars.

The company celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2008 when it launched the Ginetta G50 in honour of the milestone. It was designed and manufactured alongside Ginetta’s other cars in the company’s new purpose built factory in Yorkshire.

Today, Ginetta is building the G40 Road Car. It like previous Ginettas has a Ford engine and is a light, track focused car to be raced. The G40 is a modern day G4 and as such is true to the original Ginetta DNA ... Maybe it should be a Ginetta G4zero, a G4 for this millennium. The breed continues.